Illegal dumping is a problem in the city in Detroit, and no neighborhood is immune, from Midtown to Brightmoor to Warrendale to Ravendale.

It was interesting to head to the Detroit Police HQ to check out the details on a hidden camera program the city has launched to help catch more dumpers. Above you’ll find some video the city shared of people in the act.

Over the summer the police tried the technology with more than a dozen internet-enabled cameras, and today Chief of Police James Craig talked about a greater rollout.

The chief said that they found that they needed multiple camera angles to properly prosecute cases. A press release sent after the event said that the cameras for the program cost about $75,000, including the monthly cost of $54 for electricity and internet access for each camera.

The cameras are all connected to DPD’s central “Real Time Crime Center.”

Chief James Craig. Daily Detroit photo.

Results so far: The test program, according to the city, has resulted in 22 individuals being charged out of the 37 incidents captured on video based on video evidence and subsequent investigation.

Trash, imported to Detroit: I asked the mayor specifically around the makeup of dumpers, as there were a few references in the presentation to people coming into the city to dump trash.

He said that they’re finding about two-thirds of the people they’re catching are from outside the city, and that’s similar to their anti-graffiti program.

Community activists mentioned that there’s also a lot of dumping activity in neighborhoods by freeways and in the area of Detroit bordered by Dearborn Heights and Dearborn.

Residents can help: Per usual, the city was pitching using the Improve Detroit app.

Where to legit drop off trash: There is a place the city has set aside where residents can take everything from yard waste to household and construction items with I.D., the J. Fons Yard at 6451 E. McNichols (6 Mile). That’s open Monday-Friday. The city website also has information on two other yard waste drop off centers. 

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