In an announcement that confirms buzz we reported earlier this month, business social network LinkedIn says they are opening an office in Detroit.

The exact location isn’t confirmed and the office will be sales focused.

Senior Vice President of Sales Mike Gamson had this to say in a blog post about the move:

Why Detroit? After evaluating more than 10 U.S. cities, we chose Detroit because we believe the Motor City presents a unique opportunity for LinkedIn to hire top talent and be a part of an exciting economic turnaround story. This new office gives us a chance to marry LinkedIn’s uniquely powerful culture with Detroit’s dynamic talent to create economic opportunity for our employees, the city and our company.

The company is finding temporary office space and and plans to have a permanent space set up in 2018.

It will be the first office that LinkedIn has opened in the United States in a decade.

They currently have six positions open (you can view them here) and eventually plan to hire 30.

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