Anytime a locally based food company has something come out, we usually pay attention. The latest is from Dearborn Brand Sausages. The company, founded in 1946 and is based in Dearborn has just released a new thing they’re calling “Grillin’ Patties.”

“We’ve been talking about this idea for some time now and just decided to do it,” says Michael Kosch, Vice President of Dearborn. “They have the same recipe and delicious taste as our sausages, but in patty form. They’re fun to eat because of the new shape and also eliminate having to purchase two different types of buns. They’re pre-cooked – all you have to do is heat and eat. We’re always coming up with new ideas and flavors for fun products.”

There are four types of Grillin’ Patties available for purchase; Smoked Kielbasa, Bologna, Smoked Italian, and Bratwurst. The patties are all pre-cooked so they just need to be reheated either on the grill, pan, or oven.

The patties come four to a package and cost $4.69.

Right now you can only get Grilling’ Patties at the two Dearborn Brand retail stores in Dearborn and Roseville. Distribution will expand to other stores later this summer.

The Roseville store is located at 29616 Gratiot in Roseville and the Dearborn store is located at 2450 Wyoming in, well, Dearborn.

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