How could those two things possibly be combined into one: A bustling and energetic city and the sound of the universe paired with tranquility. With the beginning and end of a yoga class, every voice makes up that one harmonious sound; each individual noise intertwines and unites all in the room.

Similarly, the Detroit Om does just that. Uniting Detroiters and creating a better tomorrow for the growth of a city on the rise.

According to Breathe in Detroit owner Cynda D’Hondt, “It’s all Detroiters coming together, but behind that message, it starts with you. It’s about self-awareness first, and taking care of your self and then bringing that out into the world to do good.”

Breathe in Detroit Owner and Gross Pointe native Cynda D’hondt, has done her fair share of traveling. From New York to California, she still found her home and heart in Detroit.

“Like Om, Detroit is not just a word or a place—it’s a feeling and a source of sound. From one breath, one sound, one city, each person…comes all power and all creation.”

If we all do our part and “Breathe in Detroit,” we can come together as a community, and rise from the ashes. Not to mention, you can do so while sporting a never-before produced line of clothes that makes a statement.


With the Detroit chakra inspired Om you can spark more conversation than just “Where’d you get your shirt?” but rather “What does that mean?”

Breathing can be passive, or you can make it mean something, it’s up to you how you will breathe.

The design is based on the famous Om along with inspiration from chakras. D’hondt drew out the design herself before creating the line.

So what impact does this new line of retail actually have on the community? How is it making a difference or a statement at all? D’Hondt had but one answer to these questions. To give back.

With $2 from every shirt donated directly to the Children’s Center and Summer in The City, D’Hondt desired to do more than just own a line of retail. With an additional line of Bark In Detroit for your furry best friend, profits are also donated to Detroit’s no-kill animal shelter, IHeartDogs.

The proceeds are also used to host events through local charities such as the Summer Solstice that took place earlier this summer.

In addition to the line of retail, Bark in Detroit lets your furry friend make a statement and give back to the IHeartDogs no-kill shelter.

D’Hondt was motivated by her boyfriend to push the line forward after her move back home from law school in Brooklyn. Facing her fair share of obstacles, D’Hondt found herself reinvented by the practices of yoga and giving back to the community. She became a certified Yoga instructor by The Yoga Shelter, and finally her line of clothes was able to take off.

The line is available for purchase at Eastern Market or online. Check out their website for shopping, information and to start making a difference and radiating positivity. Breathe in Detroit, because there’s no better way.

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