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Kindness Is Hot This Holiday Season: Get A Gift And Help Provide Meals For Detroit's Hungry

During the holiday season in Detroit you can find just about any object imaginable mashed into the shape of a mitten, or goods from some iteration of the “Detroit (fill in the blank) Co.” And while each has it’s own little niche, it can be hard to sort your way through the myriad of Michigan inspired options to find a suitable gift for the ex-pat in your life. So how does one support local business but still give the gift of Detroit? Well, one company, Breathe In Detroit, is offering an alte...

5 Metro Detroit Businesses That Are Giving Back

Want your money to go farther? Consider doing business with a Metro Detroit company that gives back to the community. Not only do you get quality products – pizza, clothes, etc. – but you also get the opportunity to support local business and your community. Need a place to start? Check out the list below for Metro Detroit businesses giving back. 1. Buddy’s Pizza Buddy’s has awesome pizza, but that’s not all you’ll find at this great Metro Detroit restaurant. The chain has a long history...

The Detroit Om: You Shop, They Give

How could those two things possibly be combined into one: A bustling and energetic city and the sound of the universe paired with tranquility. With the beginning and end of a yoga class, every voice makes up that one harmonious sound; each individual noise intertwines and unites all in the room. Similarly, the Detroit Om does just that. Uniting Detroiters and creating a better tomorrow for the growth of a city on the rise. According to Breathe in Detroit owner Cynda D’Hondt, “It’s all Detroi...

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