There’s a lot of anticipation building for Sunday’s game between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers, and when there’s a rivalry with something on the line (playoffs, in the case of the Lions), often stakes get raised, especially among friends.

It turns out both Detroit’s police chief James Craig and Green Bay’s Andrew Smith worked together at the 77th Street Division in South Central Los Angeles back in the 1990s.

Craig, flanked by other officers and American Coney Island owner Grace Keros, took to Facebook Live Wednesday to challenge the Green Bay Police Chief and his “250 officers” that if the Lions win they have to eat an American Coney Island dog.

Of course, Green Bay didn’t take the challenge sitting down.

They had a combination response to the bet. The bet if the Packers win includes the Green Bay chief sending Ron’s Cheese Curds, Titletown’s Green 19 beer, Maplewood Meats Bratwurst, The Attic Coffee Shop’s coffee and … possibly the most humiliating … a Green Bay Packers baseball cap.

Not only that, but the video was shot in the office of a Lions fan on their staff that they redecorated in Green Bay colors as a prank.

Game time on Sunday is 8:30 p.m. and it will be aired on NBC. A limited number of tickets are available through the official NFL Ticket exchange resale, starting at $180 each.

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