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Detroit Police Chief Craig Issues Coney Challenge To Green Bay PD

There’s a lot of anticipation building for Sunday’s game between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers, and when there’s a rivalry with something on the line (playoffs, in the case of the Lions), often stakes get raised, especially among friends. It turns out both Detroit’s police chief James Craig and Green Bay’s Andrew Smith worked together at the 77th Street Division in South Central Los Angeles back in the 1990s. Craig, flanked by other officers and American Coney Island owner Grac...

Football Helmets Made In Detroit Beat Competition In Head Impact Test

Football is a rough sport and has been the focus of a lot of conversation as of late around safety. The National Football League’s 2015 Helmet Laboratory Testing Performance Results indicate that Xenith’s EPIC helmet received the highest performance ranking of all evaluated helmets. Xenith is a Dan Gilbert owned company that has facilities in Southwest Detroit. They make a variety of sports equipment, such as helmets, shoulder pads, and face masks. “We’re thrilled that the NFL and the NFL...

See Ya Later, Suh: ESPN, League Sources Report Suh To Sign With Dolphins

The days of Ndamukong Suh wearing a Detroit Lions uniform appear to be up on this Tuesday. ESPN’s Chris Mortenson is reporting this afternoon that league sources point to a six year, $114 million deal to bring Suh to the Miami Dolphins, making him one of the highest paid players in the NFL. Reports are the Dolphins offered significantly more than the Lions or any other suitors, which included the Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, and San Diego Chargers. Suh also w...

Bills v. Jets Game Moves To Ford Field Due to Record Snowfall in Buffalo

The Buffalo Bills and New York Jets will not be playing their scheduled game on Sunday, November 23 at Ralph Wilson stadium in Orchard Park, New York due to record snowfalls. The game will instead be played at Ford Field in Detroit on Monday night. The relocated game will not be unprecedented, as the Vikings and Giants were forced to relocate a game to Ford Field after a massive snow storm caused the collapse of the Metrodome in Minneapolis in December of 2010. The Bills, who bested the Lion...

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