Every once in awhile, there’s something that reminds you about how beautifully weird Detroit is. Our new favorite previously extinct animal to run around the city has been caught on video in the Wayne State neighborhood, and he also has a somewhat epic Instagram account.

The Wayne State Volleyball team caught the dino hopping along on Cass in front of Old Main…

We’re not quite sure what the story is with it (we’ll meet you anytime, anywhere Designosaur), but it sure brings a smile to our face. If dinosaurs could have an OKCupid account, you could say they (a cursory look through Dino’s social media isn’t clear on gender) like music, after all, there’s done a stint as a drummer…

Clearly, I am the best drummer of all time... #notreally #designosaur #designdino #detroitdino

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Midtown bars (apparently Circa 1890 is a fav)..

I'm his #1 fan #circa #designosaur #dino #dinosaur #trex #wsu #waynestate #Detroit #saloon #designdino

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Not afraid to dance..

And sunsets.

Thank you, whoever you are, for making Detroit a bit of brighter place this week, and possibly being the most eligible Detroiter of any kind. Follow DetroitDino on all the things – Twitter, Insta, and Facebook.

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