Detroiters can expect to see some changes at the Music Hall. It’s getting a much-needed facelift and returning to its glamorous past.

The historic Music Hall will see a return to its 1920s appearance with the addition of a recreated facade. The building lost its original 1928 canopy during the 1960s. Vandals capitalized on the canopy’s beautiful materials and secreted them away.

They stole canopy’s grand iron ore columns, Fleur-de-Lis cast iron lintels, unique lighting fixtures, and supporting soffit grid. All that remains of the original canopy today is some of the infrastructure in the center over the front doors.

In place of the Fleur-de-Lis there are now temporary signage and industrial lighting. However, the canopy infrastructure is no longer usable. Old age and weather have gotten the best of it. The remains of the canopy suffer from leaks, electrical breakdowns, structural flaws, and shoddy aesthetics.

The recreated canopy, now under construction, will bring the best of the past and present together. The canopy will look just as glamorous as it did in 1928, but it will use modern, cost-efficient materials.

Energy-efficeint directional LED lighting will replace industrial sodium fixtures. The decorative “iron” columns will be molded from polycarbonate resin and distressed to match the originals.

Uplights Cred David Ely

The new canopy will complement Music Hall’s Art Deco design, adding aesthetic appeal to Madison Avenue. There has been a lot of transformation on Madison Avenue. Whether it’s new sidewalks, or across the street, the Detroit Athletic Club recently installed new statuary as part of its anniversary.

The project will use all recycled steel and re-caputred historic porcelain tiles donated by the Detroit Athletic Club. A new roof and supporting hangers will ensure that the canopy is watertight and structurally safe for 85 years.

New travertine thresholds will also be placed at the front entrance, and banners will be added to Madison Avenue’s decorative lampposts.

Stop by Music Hall occasionally to see the work progress. The transformation, when complete, promises to be a stunning one.

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