If you’ve never been to the storefront on 7 Mile, we’re not sure you’ve lived in Detroit. The venerable neighborhood joint, Motor City Soul Food, has had a few accolades over the years, and there’s good reason why.

It’s amazing, that’s why. It’s great to see something in Detroit’s neighborhoods get some kudos. It’s been here for almost 15 years, and that’s saying something. Here’s what Thrillist said, including it in their list of the 21 Best Fried Chicken Spots in America:

Detroit takes its soul very, very seriously, whether it’s coming from the voices of MoTown legends or the kitchens of its restaurants. Motor City Soul Food is basically Detroit on a plate, a pile of perfectly cooked soul favorites served up by hard-working folks who take immense pride in their work, even if they’re forced to do that work from behind bulletproof glass. The chicken itself is a thing of such simple, crispy perfection that more than warrants the line that frequently wraps out the door. The sides do it equal justice, but don’t fill up too much on candied yams and okra, or you’ll miss out on one of the best damned banana puddings in the world.

Motor City Soul Food has also been featured by the reknown Anthony Bourdain and others. If you’re going to make a trip, the address is 12700 West 7 Mile Road in Detroit, open from 11am until 9pm every day.


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