Hey all. Devon's back now that his special project is here! But, it's gonna be about 18 years until the work is complete.

As to stories - we talk about drinks, places we've been. The Detroit Pistons are rolling out throwback teal jerseys for ten games. Are you on board?

Dan Gilbert gets his tax breaks with a 5-4 vote, but helps open up a greater discussion about lowering the city's very high rates.

There's a new rendering for the apartments going on the Joe Louis site on the Detroit riverfront: https://detroit.urbanize.city/post/new-look-joe-louis-arena-site

The Peterboro is closing for the summer - https://detroit.eater.com/2022/7/25/23277285/peterboro-closes-temporarily

There's a Heritage Festival in Greektown to check out this weekend!

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