This one is a video puzzler. A dash cam video, posted by an anonymous driver only known as Mr. Sarge, shows a Challenger speeding by him down I-94 on his way home from work, and a police vehicle shortly after in pursuit. But then the story takes a twist.

From Jalopnik:

A few minutes later, traffic slowed down and he (Mr. Sarge) snapped photos of a black Challenger that had been pulled over by the same police Tahoe. Thinking the incident was kind of funny, Mr. Sarge posted it to the Camaro forum later Friday night.

But there, other users quickly pointed out that the Challenger that got pulled over was a different Challenger than the one police were pursuing in his dash cam video. The Challenger in the video was apparently a Scat Pack with dark wheels and the newer style taillights — the one that got pulled over was an R/T with silver stripes, chrome wheels, a silver gas cap and the older style taillights.

Sadly, when Mr. Sarge tried to take the video to the police, he was initially rebuffed, being told to call back multiple times and then told the Department wasn’t interested in the video. After the auto site Jalopnik reached out, however, the department changed their tune and was willing to look at the footage.

There’s a possibility that it was the Challenger pulled over was for an unrelated event, but it sure seems like the Tahoe from the Allen Park police was after that particular speeder.

What do you think? Did the Allen Park police corral the wrong Challenger?

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