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The generosity is amazing: More than $31,000 raised for fallen WSU policeman Collin Rose's memorial fund

The outpouring of generosity from Detroiters is always an amazing thing to see. As of this writing, nearly 580 people have come together to raise $31,986 for the memorial fund of Wayne State Police officer Collin Rose, who tragically lost his life Wednesday while on duty. There has already been a person arraigned for the crime, Deeanglo Davis, who has been jailed without bond. The 31 year old from Detroit is charged with first-degree murder, murder of a police officer, felon in possession...

Detroit Cops To Wear Body Cameras Starting In Early 2016

The trend of police wearing body cameras has finally made its way to Detroit. The news comes by way of a news conference with Mayor Mike Duggan and Police Chief James Craig on Tuesday, WXYZ reports. The move comes at a time when tension in the national conversation regarding police violence continues to rise, and it seems that each day another video surfaces highlighting police brutality. The Detroit system will actually be one of the more sophisticated systems in the country. Officers will...

Did Allen Park Police Pull Over The Wrong Car? You Be The Judge

This one is a video puzzler. A dash cam video, posted by an anonymous driver only known as Mr. Sarge, shows a Challenger speeding by him down I-94 on his way home from work, and a police vehicle shortly after in pursuit. But then the story takes a twist. From Jalopnik: A few minutes later, traffic slowed down and he (Mr. Sarge) snapped photos of a black Challenger that had been pulled over by the same police Tahoe. Thinking the incident was kind of funny, Mr. Sarge posted it to the Camaro fo...

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