This story is for the the dogs.. literally. And their owners too.

Canine To Five, the dog daycare founded in 2005 in Detroit on Cass Avenue just south of Martin Luther King, is expanding their original location by 7,000 feet and approximately 300 paws (assuming each of the dogs has four legs).

In spring 2017, there will be ground a new 10,000 square foot building on property purchased in 2011 located directly next door to the current building.will take place in spring 2017. The expansion will allow for up to 175 dogs from its current 100 capacity, expanded capabilities for smaller breeds and a senior lounge.

Additional service enhancements will include a private play area for dogs that don’t do well in a group setting and accommodating dogs with special needs as well as intact (those who have not been spayed or neutered) dogs. This is a population most dog daycare centers do not accept.

“Downtown’s population is growing and that includes the dog population,” said Blondy. “Canine to Five’s growth and the types of dogs we’re able to serve began to be limited, and with this expansion we can serve many more dogs and provide more specialized care.”

Ten jobs are expected to be created, according to owner and founder Liz Blondy. And she’s committed to filling as many of them as possible with Detroit residents.

“I like creating jobs on Cass Avenue and I will continue to make every effort to find Detroit residents to fill those spots,” said Blondy.

Additionally, about 3,000 square feet of the new building will be available for retail businesses. The architectural firm for the project is Detroit-based DMET and The Monahan Company located in Eastpointe will manage the construction.

The current 6,000 square foot facility will remain open during construction and then undergo a remodeling project once the new building is finished.

The $1.6 million expansion project is expected to be completed around Sept. 2017. Canine To Five also has a location in Ferndale, Michigan.

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