At a midday press and community event at the Williams Recreation Center to talk about the expansion of affordable internet, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan dropped a teaser around progress in regard to car insurance reform.

For context, Detroit, along with the state of Michigan, has the highest car insurance rates in the nation (here’s an explainer as to why).

It’s not uncommon for residents to pay more than $400 a month for basic, no-fault auto insurance.

“I have a meeting back at the office with some folks who we’re finally going to get this bill through to cut car insurance in this city,” said Duggan to loud cheers. “We’re very close to a package that will work with Republicans and Democrats and I’m going to get back to work on that right now.”

How close? We’ll see if anything concrete develops in the next week or so. But things have been pretty quiet as of late on that front and it’s one of the top issues for Detroiters.

The timing of a deal, if it happens soon, couldn’t be better for Duggan. After all – it’s election season.

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