A lot of attention is paid to the Greater Downtown area of the city of Detroit, but here’s more development news out of the neighborhoods.

There is a new development news on West McNichols (otherwise known as 6 Mile) and Wildemere Street on the border of the University District and Martin Park neighborhoods.

I spoke with Corey Williams who is one of the owners of Strategic Business Development, the group who bought the building in 2016.  

According to Williams, they began renovating the building right after they purchased it.

The first thing they focused on was renovating and renting out the two luxury apartments on the second floor. Both apartments have had tenants for the past 18 months.

The next thing they focused on was building out the commercial space on the ground floor.

They have turned the ground floor into an event space called The Wildemere.

The event space is 8,000 square feet with a full kitchen.

The public will be able to throw birthday parties, showers and community events at the Wildemere once it opens.

Because the space also has a full kitchen so they hope to be able to host pop up restaurants and theme nights like Taco Tuesday.

The Wildemere is expected to open sometime in May.

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