It’s been a project that’s been teased for years – since 2011, in fact. A giant RoboCop statue in the city of Detroit.

We gave an in-depth update quite awhile ago, but we have new news to share.

According to an update posted to the project’s Kickstarter page, RoboCop will call the Michigan Science Center in Detroit’s Midtown home.

via RoboCop Kickstarter page

A deal was signed Wednesday and an unveiling date will be given this spring, and parts of RoboCop will be shown off at a private event this spring.

…through your contributions and faith, and through the hard work of many in Detroit and elsewhere, the RoboCop statue has found a home at the Michigan Science Center in Detroit’s Midtown Cultural Center Historic District.

The approximately 10 foot tall statue will be about 13 feet tall on a pedestal.

My two cents? If there’s anywhere that makes sense, probably the Michigan Science Center is it. It’ll be an amazing draw for the institution and people will travel from around the country — even the world — to see it. Having held pieces of this statue before, regardless of what you think of it, it’s quite the work of art.

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