M-1 RAIL has welcomed spring’s return by rolling out an ambitious construction schedule this year. The first item on the list: spring cleaning.

“Keeping the construction site clean and assuring a safe environment are important M-1 RAIL objectives; it’s the reason our spring construction began with cleaning up the Woodward Avenue corridor around our work areas,” said Paul Childs, M-1 RAIL’s Chief Operating Officer. “Last month, we filled potholes, put new temporary striping on Woodward Avenue to keep drivers and pedestrians safe, and our crew power washed every sign and orange barrel to help keep the construction area presentable and safe for residents, businesses, and visitors.”

The 2015 rail construction schedule is expected to be the busiest yet. M-1 plans to clean construction zones, lay track in the Midtown neighborhood, and make preparations for the installation of a specialty curved track around Campus Martius Park.

Not to be left out, the Michigan Department of Transportation plans to rebuild Woodward Avenue and the I-94 and I-75 Woodward Avenue overpasses, the Penske Tech Center, and track construction.

Despite the amount of construction, Childs said that it will proceed quickly. However, that doesn’t mean Detroiters will escape lane closures. The Midtown neighborhood will have its fair share of road and sidewalk closures while construction continues.

Woodward Avenue will also be subject to lane closures as installation of the custom specialty track occurs. One lane will remain open around Campus Martius Park at all times, and at least one of the four streets surrounding Campus Martius Park (Michigan Avenue, Fort Street, Cadillac Square and Monroe Avenue) will remain open at all times.

If you want to avoid the Woodward Avenue lane closures, M-1 suggests the following routes:

  • Southbound traffic: take Woodward Avenue to Adams Avenue to Witherell Street to Washington Boulevard to Larned Street.
  • Northbound traffic: take Larned Street to Randolph Street to Broadway Street to Witherell Street back to Woodward Avenue.

The planned lower Woodward Avenue construction is scheduled to finish before America’s Thanksgiving Parade in November. The four phases of the construction are:

  • Phase One: Northbound Woodward Avenue between Congress Street and the north end of Campus Martius Park
  • Phase Two: Southbound Woodward Avenue between Congress Street and the north end of Campus Martius Park
  • Phase Three: Woodward Avenue between the northern end of Campus Martius Park and State Street
  • Phase Four: Woodward Avenue between Larned Street and the southern end of Campus Martius

During the construction on Woodward Avenue, Campus Martius will still be accessible. Detroiters will be able to enjoy the park’s events, shops, and restaurants.

For updates on the 2015 construction schedule, visit www.m-1rail.com.

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