Today’s guest is Eric Larson, the CEO of the Downtown Detroit Partnership. The organization brings together the business community, philanthropy and government to work on and create improvements in downtown Detroit – which is not just the major downtown for the city but in many ways – the region.

02:56 – Mural talk

05:32 – The NFL Draft is coming. What’s ahead?

07:29 – Downtown progress since the Superbowl was last hosted here

08:29 – The pandemic has created some long-term shifts away from office space. What’s next?

10:28 – A renewed focus on attracting new residents

14:43 – Policy and public support needed to encourage and create a truly dense, walkable downtown

17:26 – Discussing Detroit’s Land Value Tax proposal

18:56 – Making sure there’s housing at all price points and for workforce in downtown Detroit

22:47 – Things Eric is most excited about as we end the year

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