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How Downtown Detroit is dealing with (and creating) change (ft. Eric Larson, DDP)

Today’s guest is Eric Larson, the CEO of the Downtown Detroit Partnership. The organization brings together the business community, philanthropy and government to work on and create improvements in downtown Detroit – which is not just the major downtown for the city but in many ways – the region. 02:56 – Mural talk 05:32 – The NFL Draft is coming. What’s ahead? 07:29 – Downtown progress since the Superbowl was last hosted here 08:29 – The pandemic has created some long-term shifts aw...

PODCAST: What's Next For Downtown Detroit? We Talk With Eric Larson Of The DDP

[smart_track_player url=”″ image=”/content/images/wordpress/2017/07/eric-larson-daily-detroit.jpg” social_gplus=”false” social_linkedin=”true” social_email=”true” twitter_username=”TheDailyDetroit” ] Downtown Detroit continues its remarkable transformation, with more and more foot traffic, construction sites sprouting like weeds and new businesses opening up on the reg. On this episode of the Daily Detroit Hap...

RENDERINGS: Bright Future Ahead For The Old Tiger Stadium Site

The Historic Field To Be Saved Under These Plans Which Include Mixed Use And Community Development Never underestimate the power of a community’s love for a historic site, especially when it’s combined with burgeoning economic development in the neighborhood. The old Tiger Stadium site is finally on its way to a second act as a retail, real estate and community center totaling a price tag of about $44 million for the project. The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) named Larson Realty Gro...

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