Last night the winning flavor of the Hudsonville Ice Cream “Flavor of Detroit” was announced. The contest brought in over 2,500 entries.

The newest Hudsonville Ice Cream flavor will be called the “Comeback Cooler”, which is Hudsonville’s take on the Boston Cooler. The ice cream will be a French vanilla base with a ginger ale ribbon running through it.

The winning flavor was submitted by Tracy Heureux of Plymouth. Heureux received $500 and a year supply of Hudsonville ice cream for her winning submission.

“Hudsonville Ice Cream was seeking a flavor that would capture the spirit of innovation and re-imagination synonymous with Detroit, and we’d like to congratulate Tracy on creating the winning flavor,” CJ Ellens said. “The new Comeback Cooler flavor takes a traditional flavor that has long been associated with Detroit and adds a modern twist. Our artisan crafters are honing in on a perfect blend of flavors that honors the history of Detroit while acknowledging where the city is headed.”

The “Comeback Cooler” will be available in the fall.

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