In the battle of the billionaires, at least according to the most recent Forbes 400 list that just came out, our neighborhood billionaires Mike & Marian Ilitch as well as Dan Gilbert are richer than the presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Mike and Marian Ilitch are worth $5.8 billion, and Gilbert clocks in at $4.6 billion. Trump, who apparently lost $800 million over the past year in value, is down to $3.7 billion.

The Forbes 400 is an annual list put together by the magazine of America’s richest people through extensive research and interviews. Eight Michiganders (or those who qualified as pairs) made the list.

Hank & Doug Meijer (of Meijer at $6.9B), Michael & Marian Ilitch (Little Caesar’s Pizza, the Red Wings, etc. at $5.8B), Richard DeVos (Amway at $5.4B), then Gilbert ($4.6B, Quicken Loans), Ronda Stryker (Stryker at $4.1B), John Brown (Stryker at $2.5B), Jon Stryker (Stryker at $2.3B) and to round out the list, plastics mogul William Young ($2.1B).

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