You know when mom said if you didn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all?

Well, it looks like Century 21 Indianapolis realtor Drew Doran hasn’t learned that lesson. Not only has he posted this image on a Facebook page he apparently controls – a Facebook page called innocuously “Move To Indy” (we’re sure their visitors bureau will love this) – encouraging people to leave “Dirty Detroit” and move to Indianapolis – he went ahead and sponsored the post on Facebook to make sure Detroiters saw it.

Well, Drew, you have Detroit’s attention. But maybe not in a good way.

The post said, before it was just taken down minutes ago (or else we would have embedded it):

Your family doesn’t have to put up with the decay, high taxes, widespread poverty, lack of opportunity, and misery in Detroit anymore. Everyone has the right to live the American Dream and Middle Class lifestyle. Indy is proud to be the most affordable city in America and the best place to be successful. There are thousands of jobs open right now across Indy for easy employment and a better life 🙂

On his LinkedIn page, Doran talks about how “…I have been conducting real estate transactions with the utmost professionalism.”

We’ll let you be the judge if he’s lived up to that. Skeezy tactics by realtors are the worst – and this gimmick is at best childish. Century 21 and Doran should apologize.

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