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LISTEN: How Indianapolis Funded Mass Transit, Stayed Alive In Amazon HQ2 Sweepstakes

If you listened to our recent episode on Amazon’s snub of Detroit (and you totally should), you’ll recall that the inclusion of Indianapolis among the 20 finalists for its HQ2 project was the topic of some surprise. Well, one of the reasons they made it was their efforts to develop 50 miles of Bus Rapid Transit and other improvements. So we sent our correspondent Shianne Nocerini down to Indiana’s capital city to talk with Brian Luellen, vice president of public relations for IndyGo, the ci...

If Oakland And Macomb Counties Don't Want The Benefits Of Mass Transit, Forget'em

The ongoing saga of regional transit negotiations is like watching a friend tragically go after dating someone they really, really like – but the person that’s the target of their affection just isn’t interested. The reality is a four county transit solution isn’t politically workable here. We should accept that and like Indianapolis, an Amazon top 20 city, move on. One of the things that was surprising on our most recent Daily Detroit Happy Hour podcast was that Indianapolis was a top 20 ci...

Indianapolis Realtor Decides To Tear Down Detroit To Boost Himself Up

You know when mom said if you didn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all? Well, it looks like Century 21 Indianapolis realtor Drew Doran hasn’t learned that lesson. Not only has he posted this image on a Facebook page he apparently controls – a Facebook page called innocuously “Move To Indy” (we’re sure their visitors bureau will love this) – encouraging people to leave “Dirty Detroit” and move to Indianapolis – he went ahead and sponsored the post on Facebook to make sure Detroiter...

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