The first episode of our weekly live broadcast from our new studio is ready to invade your ears.

We talked connected car, mobility, Motor City Comic Con, the latest issue of Detroit Beer Press and more with our guests for this momentous night…

We were joined by our guests from Mobile Comply (Elaina Farnsworth), Detroit Beer Press (Ian Burk), and our friends Nuri Gocay and Katie Marrosso to round things out.

Our 1991 themed intro came to a close, and we went live.

Naturally, we spent most of the opening segment talking about this weekend’s event: Motor City Comic Con.  Yes, we’re heading to Motor City Comic Con again this year, press passes in hand…and this time we’re armed with a fully functional remote broadcasting unit.  Be afraid…be very afraid.  Odds are better than even that, at some point, we’ll have had a few drinks and be unable to resist pulling out the gear and going live with whoever happens to be on hand.  Could be great, could be terrible…guess we’ll find out as we go.  I can’t imagine that you’re not already familiar with Motor City Comic Con, but just in case, here’s their site with the details:

For our second segment, we talked with Elaina Farnsworth of Mobile Comply.  Elaina’s been on our show several times in the past, and it’s always a great conversation.  She also has an event on Thursday night at the Townsend in Birmingham that you should be seriously planning on attending.  Check that out at  From connected cars to mobility training to what challenges and opportunities exist in the mobile space as the tech evolves, she’s always got some great insight.  Mobile Comply is an international leader in mobile training and curriculum development. Their training and certifications are recognized worldwide for excellence in mobile connectivity, mobile development, application security and connected vehicle. Mobile Comply specializes in mobile implementation, related policy and regulations, how to deploy mobile devices, mobile applications, and proper security practices. In addition, Mobile Comply partners with organizations to develop customized educational content and business strategies. Check them out at, and again, their event Thursday night is at

The randomness of conversations continued as we chatted with Ian from Detroit Beer Press.  They’ve got a new issue out in bars, breweries and distilleries around the area you should get your hands on…and not just because we have another article in this month’s issue…though that’s obviously a good reason.  We chatted through booze, beer, and all sorts of random mayhem with Ian.  Definitely a good chat, and check them out at

For our fourth and final segment, we simply doubled back on some earlier topics, kept chatting with our guests, and wrapped up for the night.

Not a bad way to kick things off at the new studio.

Again, check out Mobile Comply at, and their event Thursday night is at

Give a look at Detroit Beer Press at

And odds are good we’ll see you at Motor City Comic Con this weekend:

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