Fall is upon us as it is now, in fact, Pumpkin Spice Latte season. Devon O’Reilly tries his first pumpkin spice anything. 

01:27 It’s Pumpkin Spice season, and longtime listeners of the show know that we love our indie coffee shops. Devon tries his first pumpkin spice anything, be it latte, cold brew, whatever.

04:27 Unburger in Dearborn makes the ClickonDetroit list for best vegan restaurant in Metro Detroit. So what kind of burger craving can it quench?

07:12 It seems fast food and fast casual restaurants are moving to cashless and kiosk ordering. Do you prefer that, or do you want to deal with a person?

09:16 Lots of things happening around greater downtown Detroit from the Godfrey Hotel to more

10:57 Sullivan’s steakhouse is coming

12:48 Devon’s thoughts on higher-end rents in greater downtown Detroit, and we get into who is paying those rents and what kind of talent is coming into the region from other areas like California’s Bay Area that expect higher pay. Because the fact is – there are people buying and signing up.

17:55 it’s International Dog Day on Saturday, so we talk about some places that are dog friendly around town. Be sure to send us yours!

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