One of the reasons to love Detroit is that it has a wonderful weird quality about it. You really never know what you’re going to see one day to the next.

Weird in that sometimes, you’re going to see a video on Twitter of a guy on his horse as if we’re partying like it’s 1899 on Seven Mile. He’s been around the city for awhile now.

Today on Twitter a video is circulating of what appears to be a man with a Kangaroo on a leash on Birchcrest Street in Detroit (that street is in the University District by the Detroit Golf Club between McNichols and Seven Mile).

If neither one makes it into the next season of Detroiters somehow, call us disappointed.

We’ve embedded both below. If you have any tips about them, here’s our submission form.

And now for the horseman, while walking his dog:

UPDATED: The City of Detroit’s Animal Care and Control sent the following out to the media:

After reviewing a social media video of a man with a kangaroo on a leash, Detroit Animal Care and Control (DACC) is looking into the matter.

According to the City’s Ordinance, it is unlawful to own exotic animals in the city.

DACC continues to work with partners such as Creature Conservancy to help provide proper care for exotic animals.

If anyone has information, please call DACC at 313-224-6356.

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