Amid a naming controversy that was brought into the open in a piece by the Metro Times, the award-winning Katoi is renaming itself “Takoi.”

The shorthand version of the issue is that Katoi – a modified version of the Thai word kathoey – is an insult to Thai transgender people, and various groups have been calling for them to change their name.

Tom Perkins at the MT digs into the reasoning behind why the word is offensive with more depth, and we’ll just link it here as it’s worth a read if you’re interested in the issue.

Started as a food truck, the brick and mortar restaurant after an immensely well received opening run had a fire that severely damaged it.

It also has been broken into numerous times, along with other Corktown businesses.

Renovations have been underway, including a new waiting area in a shipping container and a newly fenced outdoor area. The fence is 16 feet tall, as you can see in the picture above from Michigan Avenue.

From a statement that was reported by Free Press restaurant critic Mark Kurlyandchik:

“We are dedicated to providing space for open and free dialogue. It is in this spirit that we are constantly thinking and re-imagining who we are — which at this time means recognizing the need for yet another step in our evolution. Difficult as it may be, we acknowledge that the word that has come to hold so much joy and meaning to us and so many others over the years smacks others as painful, challenging, and problematic. To those, we offer a sincere apology. And lay to rest a name.”

Takoi re-opens to the public in about a week from now on August 28.

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