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"Katoi" Will Be Renamed "Takoi" In Response To Controversy, Re-Opens August 28

Amid a naming controversy that was brought into the open in a piece by the Metro Times, the award-winning Katoi is renaming itself “Takoi.” The shorthand version of the issue is that Katoi – a modified version of the Thai word kathoey – is an insult to Thai transgender people, and various groups have been calling for them to change their name. Tom Perkins at the MT digs into the reasoning behind why the word is offensive with more depth, and we’ll just link it here as it’s worth a read if yo...

Detroit's One Of America's Best Cities For Food Says Jetsetter, Shouts Out 5 Places

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Detroit’s food scene is more than coneys and pizza (even though we do love them). There’s more and more diversity of tastes by the month in our corner of the world, and it’s a great thing. National writers have been taking note. We recently saw this piece in Jetsetter that was also just carried in Marriott Traveler that highlighted five places that have gotten quite the reputation, and thought we’d share. They highlight Flowers of Vietnam...

Things To Do In Detroit: Your City 5 For The Weekend Of April 3-5

One of Detroit’s rowdiest days, Opening Day, is almost here! Monday, Detroiter’s from near and far will be reveling in the streets of downtown. But there’s plenty to do and see this weekend, especially if you need to, you know, be at work on Monday or just baseball isn’t your thing. Friday: Tracksuit Party 3 – Whiskey in the Jar in Hamtramck has a new edition of their fun tracksuit party for a good cause.  This week’s raffle benefits Team Pancake, who is raising money for pancreatic cancer. So...

Your City 5 Things To Do In Detroit For The Weekend of Feb. 27 - March 1

After a couple weeks of temps near zero, we always like to joke that when the temperature approaches 30 degrees, it’s what we call a Motor City heat wave. So lets look on the bright side that we may get such a heat wave this weekend, which would give us all more gumption to go check out these awesome events! That’s right, there is a wide variety of things going on in Detroit this weekend and we’ve got you set up for a good time- here’s your City 5. Friday the 27th – The Streetlight Series At T...

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