After a few months of speculation that many didn’t take seriously, Kid Rock – whose legal name is Robert James Ritchie – looks like he’s gearing up for a run for U.S. Senate against Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow in 2018.

In this topsy turvy political world where there’s a presidential campaign committee for former pro wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the addition of Mr. Ritchie to the political stage maybe shouldn’t be a surprise.

After all, Ritchie has been a vocal Donald Trump supporter, including selling shirts, some of which say “_onald Trump, The “D” is missing because it’s in every haters mouth” and “God, Guns, and Trump.”

Ritchie’s campaign website is now live and is very sparse. It includes a “Made in Detroit” logo, a company he owns, as well as slogans like “Party to the People,” “In Rock We Trust,” and “Pimp of the Nation.” If you go to his merchandise, you can indeed checkout for a lawn sign, shirt, bumper sticker or hat that says “Kid Rock for US Senate.”

He does have a track record investing in the state and in the Detroit metro area with his “Badass Beer” and other businesses.

A spokesperson for the Federal Election Commission told CNN that they haven’t seen an official filing yet, but the check back Thursday as it’d be first filed with the Secretary of the Senate.

As a Republican who didn’t come from the party establishment, Trump doesn’t have too many truly close allies on Capitol Hill. If Kid Rock does run (and this isn’t one long joke or ploy to sell merchandise) one could reasonably expect immense support from the president. Inevitably, the spotlight of the nation and the political circus that comes with it to focus on Michigan with his kind of star power.

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