This one might rattle some folks. Norris Howard is in straight from Brightmoor on this one.

00:53 – Norris Howard gets his wish as plans are in place to bring Raising Cane’s to Metro Detroit (that’s not the controversial part) 


02:50 – The UAW walks out at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network, with more than 1,100 on strike. Between this, the possibility of a strike, and general feelings – are we on the eve of labor power really gaining some traction?

09:22 Then we dive into what’s been going on in Hamtramck and the rise of the right wing in the community. Their mayor recently posted about an appearance he had with former National Security advisor Michael Flynn, and there was conflict at the Hamtramck Labor Day festival where city leaders wanted lead the parade and not be next to an LGBTQ group.

The changing demographics of the city are driving some to move out, others to not go there, and how the words by some of “everyone is welcome” aren’t heard that way and wear thin because of their actions. 

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