Fletcher Sharpe is in for us to get the sports pod out. With the DCFC season upon us, we're trying a Monday show to be as fresh as possible.

Feedback, as always - dailydetroit - at - gmail - dot - com.

00:41 These signings are solid. Could we see the Detroit Lions, your NFC North Division champs?

03:51 Michigan State with the win advances in the tournament. We talk Tom Izzo, Kansas State and more.

07:58 - Is Juwan Howard's job on the hot seat after this dismal season?

11:21 - Detroit City FC takes the win against El Paso Locomotive, 3-1 and shows big signs of offensive life. So what were Fletcher's favorite moments, and our prediction as we look ahead to the home opener at Keyworth this Saturday?

As always - feedback, dailydetroit - at - gmail - dot - com.

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