When we saw them at a little festival on the grounds of Fort Wayne last year, we knew they had something. Many who’ve been around the Detroit music scene for awhile may know of Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas, who has a high-energy, eclectic sound that’s unmistakable. We’ve included a sample below of the Detroit area native from a show at the Magic Bag.

The band came together in 2008 and their first EP was in 2009. It’s good to see a local group get some play on the national stage, and one that has so many ties into the city including her family that owns a Mexican bakery and a Mexican restaurant. Although they’re not new, they’re new to many in the county and their show is totally worth the price of admission. For more, here’s a recent NPR interview by Scott Simon with her that’s absolutely charming.

Addressing a question about why she’s in Detroit from Simon, Hernandez, 27, said that “I love the city, I love being a part of something that’s growing and that’s not already huge.. and I feel like in cities like New York or L.A. I don’t think it’s really about who’s the most talented I think it’s about who is the most cut throat whereas in a small city it’s about community and it’s not about trampling on the people around you to get where you need to go.”

The Late Show with David Letterman airs at 11:35 tonight locally on CBS. Scheduled guests also include Katie Holmes and Alex Zanardi, so tune in for a little Detroit-y TV tonight. It may just be something special.

UPDATED: The Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas Facebook Page just posted this sneak peek photo of “Sorry I Stole Your Man.” Pretty cool.

And here’s a video if you’ve never heard their sound:

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