There’s a new real estate development team in town and they have grand designs for a big chunk of property in Detroit’s historic Milwaukee Junction.

Today we’re sharing with you that story.

Who are they? And what are their plans for this building in an area that’s gaining steam very quickly?

Amelia Patt Zamir (left) and Rakesh “Rocky” Lala (right) envision a $20 million redevelopment plan for five vacant buildings totaling more than 100,000 square feet.

Rendering in position along Grand Boulevard in Detroit, looking south.

Sven Gustafson met them at the property and has the story. Have a listen.

There are also photos of the current state of the development and rendering of what is planned for the future below.

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Current Photos:

From the roof. It’s just a short jaunt to the Fisher Building.

Project Renderings

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