If you’ve not yet heard of hometown EDM hero, Griz, then get ready, because you’re about to hear him loud and clear.

Griz is a true Metro Detroiter, born and raised in Southfield, and a graduate of Groves High School in Birmingham. His rise to EDM stardom began in 2011 with the release of his first album, End of the World Party, which led to opening slots on tours for more well established artists like Bass Nectar, Big Giagantic and Pretty Lights.

He quickly gained popularity from his killer live performances, which typically include him playing live saxophone, as well as the use of various other live instrumentalists.

These tours opened the door for Griz to headline his own, and he has since evolved into a staple on the summer music festival circuit, playing the likes of Lollapalooza, Electric Forest, TomorrowWorld, and Detroit’s own Movement festival several times over. And all of this before his 25th birthday.

Today marks the release of the fast rising star’s fourth studio effort, “Say It Loud,” and all we can say is, “hold on to your butts.”

For the last year, Griz traveled the country connecting with instrumentalists of all kinds, capturing each artists unique live performance to give the record its classic sound, then seamlessly blending the product with the high octane, face-melting production that’s garnered him worldwide praise.

This record will transport you to a mystical middle earth seated between the classic live studio sounds of 70’s funk and Griz’s own hi-fi, groove driven approach to the EDM genre.

The best part? Griz is offering a free download of this action packed masterpiece to you for free at his website.

The album is out of his own label, All Good Records, which features other EDM heavy hitters such as The Floozies and Manic Focus.

Grab that free copy of the record today (or listen below on our site) and be sure to catch Griz at this year’s Movement Festival – which, if you missed it, he headlined and crushed it at 2013 and burst on in 2012.

Need more Griz? Below you’ll find a snippet of his 2012 Movement performance.

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