When it comes to Halloween candy, what is Michigan’s favorite?

A new “study” using data from the bulk online sweets retailer CandyStore.com highlights all fifty states, and what the most popular candies are in each state sold in the time leading up to Halloween.

Well, Michigan, apparently we’re Candy Corn aficionados, buying 146,782 pounds of the stuff.

Next, Skittles. 135,982 pounds.

And then, third most popular, Starburst at 87,740 pounds.

Now this is single source information, but it is interesting food (well, kinda food) for thought as many other states place wrapped candies and chocolate-based selections near the top. New Hampshire, for instance, buys Snickers. Colorado? They’re down the Milky Way.

On the other hand, we’re not alone. Alabama, Idaho, New Mexico, Rhode Island and South Carolina all put Candy Corn in the number one spot.

So, we leave the question to you. Is Candy Corn really a Michigan thing? Is it your favorite?

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