Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has been rewarded with four more years by Detroit voters.

Some pundits were thinking the shadow of Coleman A. Young would be cast upon the city of Detroit through his son, Coleman A. Young Jr. and people who remembered him, but that turned out to be not the case.

The race quickly became a debate between whether there was one Detroit or if there were two, and if Duggan’s track record of progress had all Detroiters in mind.

Duggan coasted to a landslide victory, winning 72 percent of the vote as of this writing, with 548 of 590 precincts reporting.

This is the biggest victory margin in 20 years in the city of Detroit, when Dennis Archer defeated state representative Ed Vaughn in 1997.

“It’s been a year campaign and through all of the different kinds of attacks, I have been treated by nothing but warmth and kindness in every neighborhood of the city,” said Duggan in his victory speech Tuesday night.

“We made a decision with all of the us vs. them attacks, I decided I wasn’t going to care. I wouldn’t respond to it. I’m proud we didn’t spend one dime on .. attacking our opponent,” said Duggan to cheers of “One Detroit” from supporters.

It’ll be interesting how Duggan spends his significant political capital from this victory in the next year.

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