Fletcher Sharpe is in this Monday, March 18 and ready to go to talk stories around town, on the court and on the pitch.

00:38 - We get into  the details on DAX, the Detroit Airport Express, a new bus pilot directly connecting Downtown Detroit and Metro Airport. Fare is just $8 and there's 16 trips a day starting at 3:30am. It seems small, but it's a big step forward ahead of the NFL Draft.

04:34 - Both Oakland University and Michigan State University made the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. We talk about both, and give real credit to the long time coach of OU for making that program go.

11:06 - Detroit City FC won over Colorado Springs Switchbacks 2-1. The game winning goal is best described as an "exercise bicycle kick," but a win is a win and the squad in the opener looked stronger than last year. We discuss. Next match is against Loudoun here in Detroit on Saturday, we hope to see you there.

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