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New airport bus details // Oakland U makes NCAA Tournament // Detroit City wins opener

Fletcher Sharpe is in this Monday, March 18 and ready to go to talk stories around town, on the court and on the pitch. 00:38 - We get into  the details on DAX, the Detroit Airport Express, a new bus pilot directly connecting Downtown Detroit and Metro Airport. Fare is just $8 and there's 16 trips a day starting at 3:30am. It seems small, but it's a big step forward ahead of the NFL Draft. 04:34 - Both Oakland University and Michigan State University made the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament....

Have The Next Big Tech Idea? Mac-OU INC Is Giving Away $20K in Cash and Prizes

The Macomb-Oakland University INCubator, based in Sterling Heights, is offering up a variety of cash and prize incentives for entrepreneurs in the high-growth technology space. If there’s one thing that it’s pretty obvious Detroit area entrepreneurs need, it’s cash and support. The “Macomb Pitch: A Competition For Small Businesses” is a panel-judged competition for Michigan-based businesses with revenue of less than or equal to $2.5 million have been in business less than or equal to three yea...

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