It’s going to take a little while for people to get used to having a streetcar going up and down Woodward. Even though the tracks are in place, it’s commonplace to see delivery trucks, people standing waiting for people, and other traffic activity people are used to doing on a road that doesn’t have a streetcar.

But it looks like people are going to have to learn fast. According to a statement released by M1-Rail, if you park in the way of the streetcar – even in testing phase – you’ll be facing a minimum $650 fee for ticket and towing to move you out of the way.

“Please remember that staging in any lane on an active street is illegal,” M-1 Rail said in a statement. “Enforcement will be administered. The fee is a minimum of $650 for ticket and tow.”

They then highlighted the Michigan Vehicle Code, stating:

257.672 Stopping, parking or leaving vehicle upon paved or main traveled part of highway or upon paved part of limited access highway; violation as civil infraction.

Beyond parking, they also say that you can’t double park, park on the active roadway (if there’s not a meter), or temporarily stage – attended or unattended. That’d be for carry-out, dropping something/someone off, bill payment, shopping, or “any other activity that will prohibit complete vehicular movement.”

Testing starts tomorrow (December 13), so it’d be good to remember to stay out of the way of the train, or it could hurt your pocket book.

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