Producer Shianne is in the studio today, and we get into stories around town and a little podcast inside baseball.

00:46 - We learned we're the 17th best podcast between 20 and 29 minutes long! (oddly specific?)

01:51 - A quick podcast tip as we've been sent a lot of podcasts lately (and it seems creating podcasts is back on the up): Introduce yourselves. This is not social media.

05:30 - Shianne is racing to finish the Barbra Streisand book before it has to be returned

07:51 - Turns out that explosion in Clinton Township wasn't just a run of the mill thing, there's a lot more that was going on. Between what they were storing, a large blast radius, and a tragic death of a bystander.

13:31 - The announcement that Rite Aid is closing on Woodward in Detroit got some local attention, but pharmacies and chains like it are in trouble across the country as the model of how people get their prescriptions change. Are we losing something? What do you prefer?

18:05 - It looks like Joann Fabrics is planning to file for bankruptcy. The crafty Shianne shares a couple places locally she shops to get what she wants.

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