If you’re looking to shop local this holiday season, here’s the scoop on Holiday House, a pop-up market in downtown Detroit. We were able to check it out before the official opening. Let’s take a look.

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Holiday House is a collection of 12 small businesses that are located throughout Detroit and the region. Picture something similar to the Rust Belt in Ferndale in that it’s a open market, but on a slightly smaller scale.

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If you’re looking for something special for someone in your life, I highly suggest coming down. There is something for pretty much anyone in your life.

“The best thing about this is that there is so many different merchants here, said Executive Vice President of Bedrock Dan Mullen. “So whether it is home goods, a great patisserie for baked goods, men and woman’s clothing. Theres a lot of opportunities and options here.”

I think the best way to describe what you might find at Holiday House is to just show you. A picture is worth a thousand words right?

Bird Bee

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This pop up boutique was one of the finalists for Hatch Detroit this year. Do you have someone who likes to be stylish but doesn’t like to seem like they are trying too hard, then Bird Bee would be the perfect spot to check out.

Black Vinyl 

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If there is a man in your life that needs a new winter coat, check out Black Vinyl. Most of the coats use Bio-Down which is a clean biofiber, which is a lightweight alternative to down.

Cannelle Patisserie

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You’re probably going to work up an appetite shopping, so stop by Cannelle Patisserie. The first thing that caught my eye is the macaroon that was filled with pistachio creme and raspberries. The thing was the size of my palm.

City Bark

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We’ve been anticipating the opening of City Bark in Capital Park. They have been working on getting the space finished so it can open. However if you have a pet lover in your life check out the pop up.

There are so many cute things that I wish I could have taken home with me.

David Vintage 

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This stylish brand is based in Detroit, and is known for their haute couture streetwear. David Vintage specializes in both men and women’s fashion.

Detroit Artifactry

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I absolutely love Detroit Artifactry. If you have someone who enjoys kitschy fun home wares this is your place. They have a ton of really great Detroit merchandise as well. I wanted everything I saw there today.

If you haven’t made it to the brick and mortar store in Corktown I recommend checking it out.

Douglas & Co. 

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We’ve covered Douglas & Co. this summer, when they opened their small storefront.  If you have been wanting a nice piece of leather I can’t recommend Douglas & Co. enough. Each piece is made by hand and with so much care.


I still have my eyes on the Tuck & Sew bag.

The End Grain Woodworking Co. 

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If you are looking for a gift that has a little piece of history attached, I suggest you check out The End Grain Woodworking Co. Each piece is handcrafted from reclaimed wood from houses in Detroit.

Has Heart 

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Fashion Has Heart is an amazing non-profit that matches up military veterans with an artist and they design a piece of art that can be put on clothing, shoes, hats, leather goods, and much more.

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The organization was in Detroit in June of this year. They set up five veterans with 5 artists to create the veterans story.

State & Liberty dsc03670 dsc03671


If you have a man in your life that has a hard time finding dress shirts because they have a very athletic frame (wide shoulders, chest and arms but a skinny waist), then head over to State & Liberty.

The company was started by two University of Michigan alumni who had a hard time finding shirts that didn’t need to be tailored. Besides the special cut the fabric is made of an athletic blend (nylon, polyester, and spandex). This gives the shirt special powers. No, not really. But it does wick away moisture and helps regulate body temperature.

Talulah Belle

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I could have spent the entire time checking out all of the things in the Talulah Belle pop up.

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If you have someone in your life that likes fancy things, like Nest candles you need to check out this shop. They have some really amazing things in this pop up. I’ve got my eyes on the vintage cocktail glasses.

Woodward Throwbacks

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Some of the wooden signs I saw today spoke to my soul. Ok I’m being dramatic, but really Woodward Throwbacks carries some cool things.

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Do you have a basement bar, but don’t have a bottle opener? They have some really cool ones. I might be planning on buying three of the wood signs, and stacking them on top of each other.

Holiday House is opened from November 17 until December 23.

Hours: Wednesday through Saturday 11:00 AM- 7:00 p.m., and Sundays 12:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.

This year the Holiday House is located on the ground level of 1001 Woodward, which is right across the street from Campus Martius.

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