In a time that celebrates Detroit’s abstract city canvas, Detroit Artist’s Market welcomes the exhibition “It’s Like Toys In Here.”

The show toys with the idea that playfulness isn’t frivolous, but an exercise in dealing with potentially serious subjects. It also brings a great room of color to a cold season, and was featured in our City 5 list of things to do in Detroit this week.

Opening this Friday, Jan. 18 with a reception that is free and open to the public from 6-9 p.m., artists from three generations – Baby Boomer, Generation X and Millennial – will present their art. Each artist conveys their own child-like curiosity through more serious themes.

SHADOW PLAY-Mary Fortuna
Shadow Play by Mary Fortuna – Mixed Media

“The title for the exhibition is a quote from the daughter of Andy Malone, one of the featured artists in the exhibition, who exclaimed upon her first experience with installation art, ‘It’s like toys in here!'” said Andrew Thompson, exhibition curator.

And more, the title speaks to how toys offer a sometimes risky influence on children by their parents, foreshadowing the shape of who they are expected to become as adults.

Melting my Brain on the Rainbow Road by Shaina Kasztelan

“The artists in this exhibition give an alternative take on incorporating serious, adult issues with playful interface and fun aesthetics to shed new light on the depth and richness of having a child-like curiosity,” said Thompson.

Exhibiting Artists include Andy Malone, Mary Fortuna, Shaina Kasztelan and a special tribute to the late Matthew Blake. The show runs from January 16 – February 14, 2014.

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