Welcome to your Daily Detroit, your essential guide to what’s happening in Southeast Michigan. It’s Wednesday, June 12, 2024, and we’re broadcasting from our studio at TechTown.

First off, a huge congratulations to Hajime Sato of Sozai in Clawson for winning the James Beard Award for Best Chef! It's fantastic to see a spot in the suburbs, like Clawson, getting recognition alongside Detroit. We also talk about the vibrant restaurant scene in Oak Park and the regional growth that lifts everyone.

Next, we discuss Councilman Scott Benson’s renewed push for health inspection placards at Detroit restaurants. The proposed system would use a simple pass/fail color code (green for pass, red for fail) to indicate health inspection results. Despite some pushback from business groups, we argue that this measure is essential for public safety and transparency.

We then shift our focus to Royal Oak, where a contentious meeting resulted in the approval of a 42-unit apartment development on an old bank site. Despite local opposition citing increased traffic and a desire to maintain a "rural feel," the need for more housing in Metro Detroit ultimately won out. We delve into the broader issue of NIMBYism and its impact on regional development.

Lastly, we discuss the political landscape as Dennis Archer Jr. hints at a mayoral run if Mayor Mike Duggan doesn’t seek re-election. With his deep connections in both the business and local communities, Archer Jr. could be a formidable candidate. We explore what his potential candidacy means for the city and the challenges he might face.

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