Fun conversations with our guests Annette from Yelp along with Scott and Kris from Make This Detroit productions.  Yelp’s got a big event coming up on 10/10 that you’ll want to know about, and Make This Detroit is the company behind our latest video that you should totally check out and give us some feedback about…

IT in the DIn our first segment, we talked about the Family Guy / Simpsons crossover episode, Gotham,  Facebook’s latest incarnation of the Atlas ad serving platform, Yahoo shutting down…well, the only thing that anyone ever really knew Yahoo for and more.

For segment two, we dove in with Annette from Yelp, mostly talking about their huge “Detroit Yelp City” event coming up at The Fillmore on Friday, October 10th.

What’s that, you haven’t heard about it yet?  Oh, you want to.  Trust us, you want to.  With free booze and food from some of the best places around, these annual events are not to be missed.  To check out all of the companies and vendors who will be there, as well as hitting up an RSVP, head on over to

In our third segment, we dove in with Scott and Kris from Make This Detroit productions, and as we mentioned, they created the way cool video on our “Meet” page for us:

We talked about the various projects they’ve got going on, the work they’re doing with folks like Steven Tulloch of the Detroit Lions and more.

Go give them some love over at

In our final segment, we doubled back on some topics, covered a few more newsworthy items that caught our eye, and wrapped things up.

As always, huge thanks out to our sponsors Logicalis and Quantum…and, of course, Falling Down Beer Company for the beer that tends to make us loopy by the 4th segment.

– The new vette has a nanny cam built in…that might be illegal:

– Nobody’s really freaking out as hard about the medical records hacks as they should be. Those are more valuable than anything else to hackers:

– Oh good. Facebook’s new ad system that’ll track you anywhere:

– Shellshock patch didn’t work…BASH exploit grows…,further-flaws-render-shellshock-patch-ineffective.aspx

– Working at the Starbucks inside the CIA is pretty weird:

– A wristwatch drone that’ll fly on command:

– Also on the drone front, DHL in Germany is actually using them:

– After 20 years, Yahoo is shutting down the web directory that made it what it was at the end of the year:

– Chicago flights completely screwed because a disgruntled worker set a fire:

– Holy crap…late on your car payment? It won’t start…or it may just shut down on you:

– The whole Emma Watson photo threat was a stunt to get 4Chan shutdown.

– That cool wi-fi thermostat in your house has a ton of security holes. Go figure:

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