Welcome to your Daily Detroit, your go-to local podcast for everything happening in Southeast Michigan. It's in two parts. First, we dive into one of Detroit's most talked-about events - the concert at Michigan Central. Then we catch up with our regular Friday host, Devon O'Reilly to talk about a new restaurant in downtown Detroit and answer some questions about what "mobility" is.

  • Concert Extravaganza: Norris Howard joins us to recap one of the best free concerts he's ever attended. From the energetic crowd to the stellar performances by Eminem, Big Sean, and Diana Ross, we break down what made this free concert a standout event. Norris shares his firsthand experience from the pit, highlighting the family reunion vibe and the sober, yet electrifying atmosphere.
  • Detroit's Ultimate Talent Show: Jer and Norris discuss the significance of the Michigan Central concert's impressive turnout of 20,000 people, the fact it was a dry event and the potential for making this an annual Detroit family reunion. They also touch on the diverse lineup, from Diana Ross to a heartfelt tribute to J Dilla to a pyrotechnic-filled performance by Jack White and finishing off with Eminem.
  • Are you into concerts? Devin O'Reilly talks about how he doesn't dlike for concerts and gets into his eclectic taste in music, from reggaeton to country, and the types of smaller, more intimate venues he prefers.
  • New downtown Detroit restaurant: Devin introduces us to Nuevo Sol, a hidden downtown lunch spot offering a unique Mexican-Korean fusion menu. From birria tacos to Korean fried chicken, Devin raves about the food, the vibe, and the full cocktail bar. Check it out for a delightful dining experience.
  • Michigan Central Insights: We revisit the Michigan Central Station transformation and the feedback we've received. In response to listener questions, Devon, who once held the title of Director of Mobility Initiatives, explains the importance of mobility in Detroit's future and how Michigan Central is poised to become a national hub for innovation in transportation and technology.

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