We're keeping it hot on today's episode - even if we're a bit tired after watching Detroit City beat the MLS side, Houston Dynamo, in super duper late overtime.

In today's episode:

00:52 - Why we're so tired today (Thanks Detroit City FC! All hail Saldaña!) 

03:52 - The balcony of the Fox bounces as the crowd loses their minds for Gunna. Norris then shares why it's ok to embrace the "uncle" phase of life, grab a lawn chair and hit the Jazzfest.

08:26 - A report says that a plan is being floated to put Wayne County all-in on transit. Many municipalities in the county - including some of the largest like Livonia and Canton - have opted out and do not have any SMART service, and County Exec Evans says the county needs the service to compete. We discuss.

18:46 - There's drama between one of the challengers for the 13th district - Adam Hollier - and U.S. Congressman Shri Thanadar and a question over signatures. But we use the news to talk about the elephant in the room - that if you're someone who wants to unseat an incumbent (and we're not taking a side in this) - you need to have one challenger in the primary. Not multiple. And there's a big gap in brand knowledge of the challengers.

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