Norris, Fletcher and Jer talk about the stories of the day.

00:48 – Jer saw an Instagram post about a rehabbed school into lofts in Berkley, MI – it’s called The Ivy – and asked, why not Detroit? Shouldn’t we be giving life to all these old school buildings? Why is it happening there (which, great!) but not also in the city of Detroit? Has the opportunity passed? 

09:43 – Norris is all about new things, but some new maybe isn’t so good. There’s a tower that’s got rents at $4k a month, and far more for a penthouse. 

Is Detroit ready for clout addresses?

More background:

15:56 – Study shows greatly increased marijuana consumption among 18-30 year olds and binge drinking for those 31-50. Are we dealing with tough times? Did we always do it and just feel better talking about it? Fletcher and Norris discuss.

20:28 -Michigan spends the most per capita on marijuana in the country

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