The folks at the QLINE have released two short videos that are full of tips on how to handle the addition of the streetcar to Woodward Avenue between the Central Business District and New Center.

Above we’ve embedded the video around driver safety. One thing to note if you haven’t noticed is that the QLINE is going to have a special streetlight that will let it go forward in front of traffic to make the situation where the streetcar is switching from curbside to the center of the road easier.

Although that kind of thing is in other cities, and it looks like the front of a streetcar, it’s something drivers unfamiliar with fixed route mass transit will need to get to know.

Below is the video around pedestrian and bicycle safety.

When it comes to bicycles, they’re clear – cross at a 90 degree angle as bikes can get caught in the rails, and use other streets with bike lanes instead of Woodward.

You can find more general bike safety tips, if you’re interested, here.

The QLINE opens to the public in a little over a month on the evening of May 12, 2017.

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