When you ride the Q-LINE streetcar, you’re going to have free access to Wi-Fi at stations and as you ride. It’s going to be provided by Rocket Fiber, a company based in Detroit.

The services include network-based technology to incorporate into the QLINE main office at the Penske Technical Center and public Wi-Fi at the stations and trains.

Rocket Fiber is doing the design, build, operation and management of the network, including future maintenance and support. Nerds Xpress, a local minority-owned contractor, will manage the LAN network at the Penske Technical Center.

“Rocket Fiber’s solution of gigabit internet was a winner for both our QLINE passengers and our team,” said Paul Childs, Chief Operating Officer of the QLINE. “We want to create a premium experience for all riders and that includes the ability to connect to Wi-Fi at QLINE stations and aboard the streetcar.”

Internet will be available starting on Friday, May 12 to all QLINE riders and within approximately 300 feet of each station.

Unlike many Wi-Fi systems in place today, the new fiber optic infrastructure and track-side radio system will deliver faster and more reliable internet that, according to the company, “has virtually no capacity limitations.”

They explain that meansthe volume of passengers connected to the Wi-Fi on the cars will have little to no impact on the connection strength.

The network is engineered to provide a highly reliable and continuous connected experience as the trains move from station to station.

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